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Welcome to Wanaque FSBO

What does FSBO mean? For Sale By Owner.

There are may advantages to hiring a real estate agent to sell a home, but sometimes a homeowner wants to go it alone. Should you buy a FSBO? How about a Wanaque FSBO? Yes, if you find a home in Wanaque you love, whether a freestanding house or a condo. As long as you use a real estate agent to represent you in the transaction. Usually, the seller will pay your agent’s commission (on a case by case basis).

And why should you seek a FSBO in Wanaque, NJ? Well, the name Wanaque is said to be a Lenni Lenape Native American word meaning “rest and repose,” which gives you some idea of what living here is like. Wanaque, usually pronounced WAHN-a-cue, includes the neighborhoods of Wanaque and Haskell and is conveniently located off exit 55 on highway 287 in North Jersey. Wanaque residents know that living here is fun, easy and convenient, with bus stops bringing you through town, to nearby towns and malls and even to the heart of New York City should you so desire.

Live easy – find your very own Wanaque FSBO today.